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examples of using a call divert service

The call divert service can be used in many different ways, for example:

  • you may wish to have one number that diverts call to your mobile, office, home or whichever number you are on at that point. If you are not available then a message is taken. Don't forget the number can be changed instantly, wherever you are and however many times you want.

  • you may wish to combine it with a switchboard menu service, where each option is a diversion to a different number or even the same number. Providing a more corporate feel or a single point of contact for disparate personnel.

  • you may wish to provide a revenue-generating service where calls are made Premium rate and then diverted to the real number. e.g. providing paid for support/advice services or registration lines.

  • you may wish to 'hide' your actual number from the number being dialled. Only the person setting up the diversion will know what number the call is being put through to.

The reasons are endless but the solution is quick and easy to set up or change.

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