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Call conferencing allows individuals in different locations to participate in live telephone conferences without the need for any special equipment apart from a standard telephone. Although most company switchboards can handle this style of call they are often limited to the number of lines they can conference together, with three or four being the limit in many switchboards.

In contrast, each Callagenix conference can handle up to 32 callers and is set up by an individual (the conference moderator) who controls all aspects of the conference through a web interface. This includes the setting up of the conference - sending emails to the relevant parties to notify and arrange a relevant time, the initiation at the specified time and the management of the conference throughout the call.

Like all Callagenix services, call conferencing can be set up and operated in a test environment free of charge. Simply click Free Trial to create a test account.


  • Up to 32 callers per conference.
  • Recording of conference for later download and playback.
  • Automation of conference set-up - participants are emailed with the date and time of the conference and reminded as the time approaches.
  • Calls can be made in to the conference line by participants or initiated by the system under control of the moderator.
  • Conferences can be pre-paid via credit card or run via a revenue number (premium rate).
  • On-line real-time view of conference available to moderator.
  • On-line statistics and reporting.


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