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The Callagenix Email-to-Voice Service allows individuals to send emails to an email address at The email address should consist of the telephone number where the email should be addressed (the address does not need to exist on the Callagenix server since it will be created if necessary). The text contained within the email will be converted into a voice message through a text-to-speech conversion process and a text message (SMS) will be transmitted to the telephone number defined in the email address, notifying the telephone owner that a message has been received.

The text message will contain a telephone number for the user to dial to retrieve the message. This number will be a premium rate telephone number and will be clearly described as such unless the owner of the telephone has signed up for a Callagenix account and has available funds. In this case the telephone number will be a normal national rate number. In either case, however, the message will be replayed back to the callers when they dial in to the number.

Once the message has completed playing, the caller is able to select from a number of options. These include :

  • Replay message
  • Delete message
  • Reply

Like all Callagenix services, e-mail-to-voice trnslation can be set up and operated in a test environment free of charge. Simply click Free Trial to create a test account.


  • Email-to-voice can be initiated by the sender of email - no existing account required.
  • Sender can be notified of receipt / listen of email.
  • Recipient does not require an email address - just a mobile phone capable of SMS.
  • Ability to Reply to Calls - email sent back as a voice message to the sender's mail box.
  • Recipient can decide whether to listen to message or not.
  • On-line statistics and reporting.


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