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how do I get a telephone number?

Integral to the process of setting up a service is the choice of telephone number you wish to use to access the service. Callagenix offer a range of telephone numbers (click here for more information on numbers) that can be used. The process of acquiring a number is the same regardless of the type.

In summary, the process of getting a telephone number from Callagenix involves the following steps :

  1. Decide the type of number you want (i.e. Regional, Freephone, National rate etc.).
  2. Go to the Get a new Number section of the Account Administration site, follow the on-screen instructions. (basically select the type, then choose your number).

At this point the number has been added to you account and can be Attached to a service, some numbers require manual unblocking this is quick to do but can only be done by contacting Support via phone or email.


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