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The Information Line service answers a telephone call and plays the caller a series of pre-recorded messages the call then terminates. Optionally, the service may repeat the pre-recorded message for a customisable time period.

It is a very easy-to-set-up facility capable of handling many thousands of calls where information is required to be provided to the caller. The information can be a recorded message or can be generated via a text-to-speech service.

Similar in some respects to answerphone lines, information line campaigns are often short-lived and high volume, and can be difficult for companies to plan for. For example a voting line may only be live for a number of hours but may take tens of thousands of calls. Callagenix now offer the ability to cope with these challenges on a pay-as-you use basis.

Like all Callagenix services, information lines can be set up and operated in a test environment free of charge. Simply click Free Trial to create a test account.

To see a case study of this service in action, click here.


  • 24-hour automatic call answering with fully customisable messages - these are created either from recordings provided by you or can be automatically generated from text.
  • Ability to handle tens of thousands of calls per hour.
  • Calls can be switched to message lines providing pre-recorded or text-to-speech messages back to your callers.
  • Incoming faxes can be diverted to a mail box using a fax service.
  • Customisable call counters to allow easy calculation of calls taken.
  • A list of callers' numbers can optionally be created.
  • Choice of telephone numbers.
  • Full on-line call statistics.
  • Text-to-speech capabilities.
  • Set maximum call times (useful for drop rate calls and voting lines)

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