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Callagenix can provide you with a range of smart telephony services that give you the capabilities normally associated with expensive telephone systems using multiple telephone lines. You are not required to change your telephone or your number, buy any hardware, or install additional telephone lines.

Each service is like a 'building block' which you can combine and link with others to form your own custom telephone system! Best of all, you can set up your system, trial it, amend it and test it as many times as you like, ALL FREE OF CHARGE.

Once you are happy with your services you can select the number type of your choice. You can run your services through regional, freephone, local rate, national rate or premium rate numbers which we can supply.

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how to set up a service.

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These are just some of the benefits your business will gain from using our services:

  • Image - All your calls are answered in a uniformly professional manner and routed as per your instructions.
  • Simplicity - You are freed from installation and maintenance of complex equipment.
  • Configurability - The system is fully configurable by you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via a web interface.
  • Price - Callagenix charge on a usage/rental basis so there is no high capital outlay.
  • Performance - Callagenix systems can handle tens of thousands of calls per hour, allowing peaks of calls to be handled smoothly.
  • Flexibility - Your system can be easily modified to suit your changing business requirements. It's also possible to try out new configurations at minimal cost to you.
  • Time saving - You can set up and run your own service in less than half an hour. Try it and see for yourself (fully operational test services can be set up and operated free of charge).
  • Presence - Using this style of number you do not have to be based in the UK. Your callers simply see a UK-based number which when called transfers them to your normal place of business.


Each service offers many advanced features. The best way to check them out is to play with them and test them all FREE OF CHARGE. So take a look at the services shown in the list on the right and take advantage of our free trial!



Answerphone service
Information service
Call diversion
Group divert service
Time of day service
Fax service
Call forward and record service
Coming soon . . .
Email-to-voice translation
Call conferencing

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