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The Switchboard Service from Callagenix provides you with all of the telephony functionality normally associated with an expensive telephone switch. Instead of being based at your site, however, the equipment is located at the Callagenix server farm and is configured by you through an easy-to-use web interface.

This service provides a menu for your other services. For example it might say '... Press 1 for Sales, 2 to leave a message, 3 to hear our tip of the day..'. The caller then selects a option by pressing a key on their telephone. Each option is actually a link to another Callagenix service, so '1 for Sales' might be linked to a Call Diversion service, '2 to leave a message' linked to an Answerphone service and '3 for the Tip of Day' linked to an Information Line.

Which services are used, how many and what they do is entirely up to you. You can also link switchboard services together, providing different menu levels - a great way of creating a complex system at minimal cost.

The switchboard can operate on any Callagenix number (freephone, local, national rate premium or regional), depending on which style of number you wish to use. Even if you are not based in the UK but require a presence in the UK, you can still choose one of these numbers which would divert calls to your normal place of business.

Like all Callagenix services, a switchboard service can be set up and operated in a test environment free of charge. Simply click Free Trial to create a test account.

To see a case study of this service in action, click here.


  • 24-hour automatic call answering
  • Switchboards can link to other services. e.g. Fax, Answerphone, Call Divert, Information line, other Switchboard services, etc...
  • Up to 10 options per switchboard menu (0 to 9).
  • Fully customisable message prompts - these are created either from recordings provided by you or can be automatically generated from text.
  • Routing of calls - Calls taken on the switchboard can be routed to numbers of your choice. They can be set to pre-announce where they have been diverted from so you always know the reason for the call.
  • A list of callers' numbers can optionally be created.
  • Voice mail capability - If your callers cannot reach you then they can leave voice mails which will automatically be sent to your email address.
  • Fax response - The system will automatically recognise fax calls and route them to a fax service. This will convert the fax to a suitable format and forward as an email to your requested address.
  • Choice of telephone numbers.
  • Full on-line call statistics.
  • Text-to-speech capabilities.


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